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Petffortless is premium cat litter, delivered FREE.
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No more heave-ho to get those heavy bags of cat litter into your shopping cart, out to the car, and into the house. Let us handle the hard work for you. Fresh bags of litter right at your doorstep, right when you need them.

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We never charge for shipping to customers inside our Austin area service zip codes. No minimum order to qualify, no shipping cost hidden in the price of the product. By serving our local area, we can bring you truly free delivery.

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Always out of time and way too much to do? We will take one more time consuming activity off your plate so you can get some of your precious time back. Best idea ever? Ya, we think so too.

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The Litter


All Petfortless litter contains 100% USA harvested minerals.


Pure Wyoming Sodium Bentonite clay. Texas-harvested Zeolyte odor controlling crystals.


20 lbs.


Fill each litter box to approximately 4" deep. Scoop clumps daily. We recommend dumping all litter and replenishing with fresh litter every 2-4 weeks.

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